Blower V-Belt Pulley Spacer

Blower / V-Belt Pulley Spacer - Chrysler

 Blower, V-Belt Pulley Spacer

These machined aluminum spacers are used mainly behind the top blower pulley for alignment with the lower crank pulley. The spacers will also work on the harmonic balancer or behind the V-belt pulleys in a custom fabricated system. Available with 2-inch regster x .50-inch, .70-inch, and 1-inch spacing.
P/N 20160.50 Blower/V-Belt .50" Pulley Spacer $ 34.00
P/N 20160.70 Blower/V-Belt .70" Pulley Spacer $ 40.00
P/N 20160.1 Blower/V-Belt 1" Pulley Spacer $ 45.00

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