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HOT HEADS Magnesium Race Blower Manifold - Chrysler

Hemi Race Blower Manifold
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 We retained all of the previous advantages of the original Manning & Brady/Hot Heads design, including the extra thick plenum and blower mounting surface to prevent deflection or blowouts. We also kept the enlarged rear port runners to facilitate even flow. The raised runners both enhance flow by eliminating sharp turns and angles in the intake tract, as well as creating a tunnel ram effect for increased power, while the open design allows for the air to flow around the runners to wick away excess heat, allowing for a cooler air/fuel mixture.
The latest improvements include, built in burst panel mount (panel and hardware not included). Relocation of the blower mounting surface core hole to allow more choices in blower location. Support gussets are now built in and the intake now includes the popular six vertical stud mounting pattern which results in quicker 'between rounds' service. Another great feature is that we have made this manifold in magnesium, saving over 7 lbs. right out of the box.
P/N 50050M HOT HEADS Race Blower Manifold $ 1,048.

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