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HOT HEADS Street Blower Manifold - Chrysler

Street Blower Manifold

Our street blower manifold can be used with 6:71 to 14:71 blowers. It places the blower in the same position as the proven Weiand and Crager manifolds of old, but 1.5 inches higher, allowing utilization of most drives. Other features include cast-in injector bosses on the intake runners, additional clearance for large cap distributors and magnetos, and an extra thick blower platform to keep the blower flat under boost. Accepts Hot Heads SFI Burst Panel Kit. Ideal for use with our aluminum heads, this manifold can also be used on stock '51 - '54 iron Chrysler heads without water outlets in the front of the heads. Threaded holes have been provided between the front two ports on both banks to accomodate a remote thermostat body. Includes stainless steel fasteners.
P/N 50040 HOT HEADS Street Blower Manifold $ 435.00

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