Crank V-Belt Pulleys

Crank V-Belt Pulleys - Chrysler

Crank V-Belt Pulleys Machined aluminum deep groove V-belt pulleys for 10-12mm belts are available as singles, or can be stacked for 2- and 3- groove applications using our harmonic balancers. Available in two hub registers to cover all combinations. 3-groove and more are not recommended in supercharged applications.
P/N 20413 Stock Harmonic Balancer & HH 340
Has 2-inch male and 2 1/4-inch female registers for use with stock and 340 converted dampers.
$ 62.95
P/N 20413F Fluidampr®
Same as above with Fluidampr®
$ 62.95
P/N 20401 2" Hub Register
Has 2-inch male and female registers for use with BHJ dampers, and all blower hubs except Weiand blower pulleys.
$ 62.95
P/N 20411 2 1/4" Register for Weiand Blowers
Has 2-inch female register for blower hub or BHJ damper, and 2 1/4-inch male register for Weiand blower pulley.
$ 54.95

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