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Hot Heads mini starter wiring

I need some advice on wiring a Hot Heads mini starter. This is just to get the engine started for now. It's a 1955 331. I would like to wire it using a 1963 Buick ignition switch. I need to know where to run the wires from the battery,coil, switch and to the starter-solenoid. Also any advice on what gauge wire to use. Thanks in advance.
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on: Sat 28 of Mar, 2009 [23:52 UTC] reads: 11487

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Re: Hot Heads mini starter wiring
on: Mon 30 of Mar, 2009 [13:42 UTC] score: 0.00
Ground the engine to the negative battery cable, connect the positive battery cable to the starter (obvious), the other starter wire (solenoid) goes to a neutral safety switch, and then to the starter switch, and then to +12 volts. You can use a #12 wire.

The mini-starter doesn't have provisions for a ballast bypass, so there's no coil connection. You don't want to run a ballast anyway. Get a MSD box and a Pertronix solid state distributor.

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