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A833 behind Chrysler Hemi with stock pieces

I have a short bell 331 thats going into a Speedway '27 T roadster kit. I want a 4 speed! I have an early Dodge truck bellhousing that will bolt to the Hemi block, and I have the flywheel to go with it, I understand that the A833 will bolt to this set up but I have no other information, anyone done this? what modifications do I need to make to the bellhousing, and what clutch/pressureplate do I need to make this all work? Also, anybody know where I can get a clutch fork and throw out bearing for this belhousing, unfortunately it didn't come with any. Any and all info greatly appreciated!
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Re: A833 behind Chrysler Hemi with stock pieces
on: Mon 15 of Nov, 2010 [15:16 UTC] score: 0.00
I have one of those bellhousings as well, but I dont think that the 833 will bolt up. (dont take that for gospel though).
I used a kit from TR Waters, and a later Hemi 426 flywheel and a clutch from Mcleod. Then an A block bellhousing will bolt right up. (you will need to tap the crank flange holes) I built a little bracket to mount a slave cylinder to and it works great.

If you are interested in pursuing the truck bell (they are heavy) I think that I have the arm and original slave cyl. (it mounts on the passenger side so may help with clearances) The cyl would need rebuilding. I would consider selling the whole setup , Bell housing, flywheel, clutch, TO brng ect. ( all will need reconditioning) I dont want to sell parts, only the whole set up.
If interested my name is Jack and my number is 503-538-8645.

There is nothing like a cammed up Hemi with a four speed to make the 'Grand Entrance'.

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