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speed gem trans. adapter

can anyone tell me what a nos speed gem hemi to chevy four speed adapter is worth. it also has a second set of bottom trans mount holes for a different has sg-585-t stamped on it.thanks
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on: Fri 18 of Nov, 2011 [02:49 UTC] reads: 13862

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Re: speed gem trans. adapter
on: Sun 20 of Nov, 2011 [05:21 UTC] score: 0.00
Wilcap in Pismo Beach, CA, sells new adapter with bolts and pilot bushing for $575. I bought mine from them 8 years ago and it was $395 then. So, don't believe government crap about no inflation. Also, with the Wilcap you can get the starter mount on either side. I would say your used adapter without bolts and pilot bushing would be worth about $250 to $300.

Hot Heads sells kits which includes steel flywheel for $645 and aluminum flywheel $745.

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