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vt 338-2971 poly engine

I have a vt-338-2971 poly engine; seems to be a 259 cu inch; can it be made into a hemi? thank you so much i will try to lite the fire power!!!!!
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on: Sat 05 of Jan, 2013 [01:04 UTC] reads: 15030

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Re: vt 338-2971 poly engine
on: Sun 06 of Jan, 2013 [00:23 UTC] score: 0.00
VT-338 can be a 241 hemi or 259 Poly. If your has Poly heads it's probably a 259. Yes, use 241 or 270 heads. Don't know if the 259 had cyl walls "adjusted" to the bore, or if it's an overbored 241 or underbored 270. IF it was decent wall thickness .062 over will get you to the 270 std bore. The 270 std C/R is 7.8 & might measure out up to a full point low. Go custom forged 9 or 10:1. If you don't have the wall thickness to go .062, you'll have to use custom pistons any way where there was no OEM 259 hemis. Used to be a popular conversion for the 260 CID class at Bonnieville. You'll need the complete head assembly, ex mans, push rods also. int mans interchange. Get a sonic check!

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