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Cam Question

I bought a supposed 354 Hemi with Heads casted with 1677441-1, which from what I learned are industrial heads. I was told that the motor has no time in a vehicle, as it was ordered as a factory replacement motor way back when. Since then, it sat in a speed shop in CT on display mocked up in a dragster since the 60's. I noticed that the heads had water block off plates front and back and when I inquired about these from the seller, he said the motor had been run on a dyno and that it had never been raced. However, with the motor, I got a Howard Racing cam which I'm unsure about. I would like to know more about if this is going to be a good cam to run for street use. The specs on the cam are as follows: Running Clearance in Intake/exhaust valves is .016, Valve Lift is .447 for both valves, and degrees of duration is 268 for both. If this cam is not ideal, I would greatly appreciate some guidance as to what I should be running. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also have a four deuce inline intake made by wieand for this motor which I am considering selling.
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on: Sun 17 of Aug, 2014 [17:00 UTC] reads: 21632

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Re: Cam Question
on: Thu 21 of Aug, 2014 [16:02 UTC] score: 0.00
The specs of the Howards cam you posted are similar to Isky specs of a cam I ordered for low end pulling power. I believe that cam is best for around town stoplight to stoplight low end power.

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Re: Cam Question
on: Mon 18 of Aug, 2014 [00:43 UTC] score: 0.00

What is the use code on the block? Should be on a flat in front of the valley cover. Does the heads have square under carb passage or a tall thin one" Does the timing cover have a bolt @ 12 O'clock or bolts @ 11 & 1 O'clock?

The 4X2 Wieand has to be run non-progressive, chapter in the Tex book on setting it up.

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