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This is a basically a stock freshening up. I want to go to 12V, electronic dizzy, & possibly a 727. My questions are as follows. How do I get around the power steering on the back of the generator? The HH power steering bracket requires the use of the HH alternator bracket. I would use the Power Master alternator for appearance. What dizzy fits the 331 hemi? Will the small block LA work? Can the shift lever on the dash be made to work with the 727? I can see that Park & low wouldn't be feasible, but I could live with that. Thank you for any help & insight you can give me. Larry
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on: Mon 24 of Aug, 2015 [04:24 UTC] reads: 27175

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Re: '55 New Yorker
on: Tue 25 of Aug, 2015 [14:14 UTC] score: 0.00
I'd ditch the huge, heavy generator/PS pump & go with modern alt & PS pump, though some hide a alt. in the generator housing. The LA electronic dizzy will work if you extend the dizzy shaft or the intermediate shaft. The int shaft would be the best bet, probably should decide if you're going to change oil pumps before ordering.

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