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315 poly to Hemi cam

I plan on building my 315 from a poly to a Hemi sometime here in the near future and would like some advise on what cam companies are out there that can give me good advise about what lift and duration would be needed for my situation and not just sell me a stock regrind.
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Re: 315 poly to Hemi cam
on: Thu 16 of Mar, 2017 [14:00 UTC] score: 0.00
I would either have Hot Heads or Johansen make a cam. Just tell them what you want. I said I wanted a rump, rump sound at idle and low end to mid range or 5000rpm torque. He made a billet roller cam for me. The good part is he takes a gear from a regular Mopar cam and machines it, then pins it to the cam. That way you have no issues with needing to use a bronze or other type dizzy gear that wears out quickly. Just tell them how you want it to sound and where you want the power or torque band. Also tell them what carburetion and possibly the compression ratio you are using. I was looking at 10.5 to 1, but Bob (HHH) suggested using 10 to 1, because of todays gas. As for as roller lifters, HHH sells them or rework the BB Mopar bar, if you're good at that stuff. Otherwise buy them from HHH. I'm building another 325 hemi with hydraulic roller lifters with a 4 barrel hooked to a 5 speed. Here's another idea. Since no one makes an aluminum 4 barrel manifold, you can rework something else, if you're good at aluminum welding. You could cut up a new low deck Offenhauser manifold or find a used one. You cut the head flanges back about 3/4 to1 inch back. Bolt them to the heads. Then center and block up what is left of the manifold on the engine. I go to local yards and find something close in shape. I cut the tubes to match the space. I tack the carb side. Then take it to the bench. Finish welding it and cleaning out any inside weld. Then put it back on the engine and weld the head side of the spacer. Unbolt the manifold and take it to the bench to finish the weld and cleaning out the inside. I usually Polish the whole manifold, so you can't see the welds. Wanting a bigger carb mount, I have done this with a used Offenhauser 460 Ford manifold, 3/8" aluminum head plates or flanges and tube spacer from the tubes of a Isuzu, if I remember right. I do a lot of yard scrounging at the local U-Pull-It. What ever you do, do a lot of thinking, measuring and fitting.

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Re: 315 poly to Hemi cam
on: Thu 16 of Mar, 2017 [13:52 UTC] score: 0.00
1. call your host Bob at H.H. 2. Chris Neilson cams. 3. Quality Engineered Components.

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