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392 manual trans

I am currently running a tci turbo 400 which i purchased from Summit.
With its 3:55 gearing it is fun to drive. Screams a bit on the hiway.
The buy in for the trans was at the time like 800 bucks shipped.
What would be the real world cost of changing to a manual transmission, and if starting from scratch, what would you recommend for such a conversion? Which trans, what would be the cheapest route?
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on: Tue 15 of Aug, 2017 [12:17 UTC] reads: 5322

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Re: 392 manual trans
on: Fri 18 of Aug, 2017 [04:05 UTC] score: 0.00
Hi Jack,
Thanks for the reply. I will start to look for a suitable A-833 and bell housing. There is an old yard nearby where they let you look/pull your own parts. I will look there. A quick look on craiglist produced no result.
But i have more patience than money.

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Re: 392 manual trans
on: Tue 15 of Aug, 2017 [15:22 UTC] score: 0.00
Probably an S-10 5 speed would be the cheapest, but not likely to hold up.
The sting of the cost goes away a lot faster than the regret of using weak parts.
Get an A-833, along with a small block Mopar bellhousing and a TR Waters conversion kit.
Its easy to make a hydraulic set up to push the arm to the TO bearing. And you can use a racing master cyl and pedal like a wildwood from Summit.
I have two of these outfits and am quite happy.
I chose to use the over drive tranny from about a 1980 pick up. (looks just like the close ratio trans). Just make sure that you get a bellhousing that matches the tranny. There are different sizes of the big hole to center the tranny to the bellhousing.
Lotsa fun banging gears.
And most will agree that real hot rods have three pedals.

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