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58 392 - WIW?

This has probably been beat to death but I have a 58 Imperial 392 that a friend wants to buy. If I should sell, what's a fair price to a friend? The motor was assembled at least 20 years ago from a standard bore, standard main and rod bearing block. Heads redone with hardened seats. Has the Hot Heads 340 oil pump adapter with the by-pass gizmo, Hot Heads 340 balancer, 318 fuel pump adapter. Also have the adapter to mate the motor to a 727/518. So what would be a fair price for both of us?
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Re: 58 392 - WIW?
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Rebuildable core is 2,000-2,500. add up parts cost & a bit of profit margin. If it isn't stuck from sitting that long see if it will fire up.

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