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just wrote a long answer to 270/315 thread,and when I posted it just reposted the question asked. What I wrote is gone.

I do not know what i am doing wrong.How to use this software is anything but intuitive. If you write in the box and push preview you should see what you wrote, not the old initiating post. Why show me the old post?? i can see it above, if i am under the reply section ?? I pushed post , hoping, and whole thing is gone. back key gets you nowhere . Maybe needs the secret instructions somewhere. Frustrating . Know it is not Hot Heads, we really love hot heads, but this software is a little lame ; or I am a little lame .

What does "posting comments' mean at the bottom? computerese? I want to post comments
do I do anything with that info? all right. smile
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on: Mon 22 of Jan, 2018 [22:59 UTC] reads: 5121

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Re: posting on tech talk
on: Fri 02 of Feb, 2018 [16:48 UTC] score: 0.00
I haven't noticed any problems.

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Re: posting on tech talk
on: Wed 24 of Jan, 2018 [15:07 UTC] score: 0.00
I usually delete the whole old post before i start a response but occasionally I like to reference something in the old responses so I leave that part of the old response and put quotes around it like this:

"Why show me the old post?? i can see it above, if i am under the reply section ??"

Then I address the the quote directly.

I usually click on "Preview" just to make sure I haven't misspelled anything or typed a sentence that doesn't make sense. After I'm happy with what I wrote, I press "Post" and it goes in. It's not always immediate and I don't know why. I do like the spellcheck feature that highlights misspelled words.

The part I don't like, but i guess I can understand these days of extreme-spamming is that If I copy in a helpful link, it just keeps it as text but doesn't keep the actual hyperlink. To use the link you have to copy it and paste it in your browser. Example:

In most forums, I can simply click on the link and it takes me there.

Being able to post pictures would be nice too.

My two cents worth!


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Re: posting on tech talk
on: Tue 23 of Jan, 2018 [16:40 UTC] score: 0.00
Everytime I sign in there is some kind of problem, I also have to erase your words from the response box. Plus we can't post pictures . It leaves a lot to be desired.

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