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Front components size

I am building a 291 Desoto to put in a model A hotrod pickup.
I plan to use the hh aluminum front cover and sbc water pump.
I don't have the front cover and stuff yet but I am working on setting up the motor mounts on the frame. I have a dummy block but I need the dimensions of the front cover, water pump, pulley, spacer, fan, and such from the front of the block to the radiator so I won't be to tight.
If anyone has this front cover setup, could you please measure the length from the front of the block to the front of the fan and let me know what it is. Also what length spacer you used so I can take that into account.
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Re: Front components size
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You would be better off to buy all that stuff now. There are adapters for the Chevy pumps and there are long and short chevy pumps. All my pulleys were machined by me and my dimesions would not help you.

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