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Need 354 Chrysler Hemi Crank

I need a 354 Chrysler Hemi Crank
I am updating my 56 354 Hemi. Now running a 53 331 crank I had to shim 200 thou since it is shorter than the 54 - 56 cranks. I am updating the cam to street and rebuilding the rockers and shafts. Since I am tearing it down I want to go back with the right crank. Too much shimming to make the 53 crank work. But it is a really strong running 354. Too strong for the shim job I did to adapt my TH350 automatic to the 53 crank.

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Re: Need 354 Chrysler Hemi Crank
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Start by getting an ad in the Swap Meet section first. I have gotten a lot of good parts there .>

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