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KD500 Cam

I have several 325 Dodge hemi engines. One is a KD500. Another has no markings where the ID should be. The KD500 has adjustable rockers and hydraulic lifters, while the unmarked one has adjustable rockers and solid lifters. All had 4 barrel carbs when I got them. A third engine has sodium filled valves, non adjustable rockers and hydraulic lifters. It is a truck engine. I have not torn down any yet. I was wondering if the KD500 cams are different from the other 325 cams. I am going to install a new hydraulic roller lifter cam and lifters in one of the engines. It should give lots of power and low end torque to 5000. Does anyone have any idea of what the KD500 cam has different from the other 325 cams both solid and hydraulic? I am going with 10 to 1 pistons in which ever engine gets the roller cam. I'm not sure about the others. I guess what I'm wanting to know is the horse power different on the 325's due to carburetion or carburetor and cam grind type. All to be used in mild street rods.
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