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True or false ?

Statement : to run a small block Mopar bellhousing on an early Hemi you need a smaller diameter 426 130 tooth flywheel. There is no way my 146 tooth flywheel will fit into the bell. This stuff is so confusing and it should not be.
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on: Tue 23 of Feb, 2021 [16:44 UTC] reads: 89

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Re: True or false ?
on: Fri 26 of Feb, 2021 [17:04 UTC] score: 0.00
I'm running a 172 tooth with an early original 3/4' adapter in front of an AX15. Also a friend did a NV3500. Not sure what he did. That is why they say a 172 flywheel is better than a 146, so you can use any late model starter. I have not dealt with any late model flywheels. I forget the words to describe it, but the 130 tooth and the 172 are supposedly the same ratio per inch, thus they work.

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Re: True or false ?
on: Wed 24 of Feb, 2021 [16:29 UTC] score: 0.00
I don't remember the tooth count, but yes, 426 Hemi flywheel.

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