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What is the best primary size pipes for a 325. I have heard 1 1/2" and also 1 5/8". I have heard for the average guy for a street rod that does a few burnouts now and then and stoplight to stoplight games the 1 1/2" is perfect for low end to 5000. I have heard that 1 5/8" is for full range to wound tight. I have also heard that the average Joe doesn't need full length headers for the street, that full length are more for racing. I have heard full length don't add that much, just look kool. So what do you think. I am dealing with Dodge 241 through 325 and Desoto 276 through 330 hemis. Don't want to reinvent the wheel, just get some of your input. Thanks for giving a little info from what you know or heard.
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