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Hemi Valve Cover Spacers

I am dealing with a couple 1957 D500 engines. I have the regular valve covers with the rocker arm humps for adjustable rockers. I also have chrome 1953 and 54 style Red Ram and 1956 and 57 Super Red Ram valve cover sets . Some of these are chrome. Do you know of anyone selling valve cover spacers to use these non hump type covers on adjustable rocker engines? If I can't find any then I'll have to press humps in some and get them chromed or try to make some spacers. I have been told that if I try to press humps in my already chrome ones, it will crack the chrome. I also have some Desoto engines that I'm converting to adjustable rockers, so I'll need some for them also. On sparkplug tubes, I'll just lengthen them. Any help is appreciated.
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