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Weird Swap.

Well, due to a long, strange series of circumstances, I find my current project car needed a engine/trans(Old, leaky, worn out), and I got an offer from my dad I couldn't say no to. He has a 331 Hemi out of a 1955 imperial that has been fully rebuild, mated to a top loader 4 speed. both were run/used in my father's 1962 F100 before he got rid of the truck. Both, he no longer wants. the car in question is my 1964 Ford Galaxie. it is currently a 352FE with a Ford-O-Matic.
I just had to ask if anyone may know about this kind of swap.

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on: Mon 18 of Apr, 2022 [01:08 UTC] reads: 812

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Re: Weird Swap.
on: Fri 13 of May, 2022 [22:45 UTC] score: 0.00
You can swap anything in anything, if you want to work at it. I don't see any real issues. You just have to play with the motor mount a bit to get that figured out. Set the engine and trans in place and see what you have to make to get it to work. If I can put a 325 Dodge hemi in a 1987 Dakota frame, you should be able to do that. The Dakota was a V6 and the engine sets to the right. So I had to rework the frame. Actually cut some extra metal out the factory had welded in the frame to support the left engine mount. Like all projects, it is taking more time than originally planned. Good luck.

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