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341/toploader mix

Building a 341 Desoto.Want to use Ford toploader transmission. Bellhousing is Lakewood BlowProof. 10.5"/130 Tooth flywheel. McLoed hydraulic bearing.Anyone out there done this combo? Any info on machined parts needed/clearances/problems to expect would be greatly appreciated.
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on: Thu 22 of Jan, 2009 [16:41 UTC] reads: 11973

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Re: 341/toploader mix
on: Fri 23 of Jan, 2009 [03:24 UTC] score: 0.00
I have 330 Desoto with a wilcap setup. I used a Ford bellhousing and a Tremec 5-speed. I use the 130 tooth flywheel and the 10.5 diaphram pressure plate. The bellhousing I used had the fork pivot on the passenger side and the fork crossing over to the drivers side. I think that it is for a cable clutch. I tried to use a master/slave cylinder and it didn't have enough throw. I called around and found that most used the hydraulic internal throwout bearing. I got a Ram setup and it seems to work great, although spendy. I had to trim a very small amount off the trans snout. I don't know if you will need to do the same. If you have the wilcap setup, the instructions are very good. Good Luck. Billk

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