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I once put a 354 truck motor in a '57 D100. I used a truck motor with the truck 5 speed (don't ask). I used the truck motor front motor mount on the stock truck frame mount pad (perhaps wider hole spacing). The rear mount had to be moved back and the trans mounting holes moved out. I did not cut or bend any fenders. I had to move the steering box away from the frame about an inch to clear the rocker cover but that may not be necessary for a 325. I think I used the big truck rad but it was a bolt in job. I think if you have a stock engine in your 57 it will be a 313 and I don't think it will convert to a hemi but sometimes engines were different between Canada and the US in those years. If I was doing that swap today I would put the 57 body on a pre 94 frame or else put a Volaire clip in the front of the 57 frame, either way the object is to get an independent from suspension.
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