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> Bob; Doesn't straight 40w stretch tiiming chains. My 241's drain back holes were enlarged and the oiling to the lifters and top end was massaged. My machinist suggested 10-30 or 5-20 for street use. Using more volume pump-I bought from you with a stock pan. Don't wat to suck the pan dry. Hemi is in a 39 plymouth not fired yet, 727, 2:76 gears, 2600stall. Street use, cruise and a few quick starts from stop light.
> Todd

New timing chains will stretch a couple degrees when new. 40W oil just is thicker & takes longer to thin when warming up. Where you have a brand new rebuilt engine I'd use something thin with break in oil for initial fire up. The 10W-30 should be fine with some zinc additive like ZDDPlus or Lucas. The 340 HV oil pump only moves 3.5% more oil than the 392 Melling M-50 pump, Haven't hears how that compares to a stock 241 pump. Drilling an .050 hole in the oil galley plug behind the Dizzy is a common trick to lube the cam/dizzy gears & would also get a little oil back to the pan faster. 40W oil uses more power than 30W oil being it's harder to pump.
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