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I think a 10W-30 oil will be a good choice for street use. I've used 10W-30 Valvoline VR1 in two old Hemis with no problems. I get 60psi at cold idle, and 25psi at hot idle. That's more than enough pressure for a street engine. 40 weight oil may be better for a race engine with large clearances and a careful warm-up period.
VR1 still has zinc in it, and is not street legal. You may have to special order VR1 through NAPA. If you don't use an oil with zinc in it, use a zinc additive at every oil change. This will be much cheaper than replacing the cam and lifters after a cam lobe fails.
I don't think the .050" hole in the galley plug is needed for a street engine. The factory engines didn't have the hole, and they were quite reliable. If your engine already has the drilled plug, that's okay- the only result will be lower oil pressure at idle.
Don't worry about sucking the pan dry- it won't happen.

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