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Re: Dual quad info needed

The best set up we've seen for 2x4's on the weiand intake is two 390cfm Holleys. 780 cfm is too fat too but close enough to tone down. 1,000cfm is way too fat. You wil need two 1/2" offset carb adapters to fit the Holleys.
One choke is all you need and I run straight linkage to keep one end of the engine from running fat and the other end lean.
Hope this helps,

> I'm a new guy here. I couldn't fugure out how to search this site. My only experience with a multi carb setup is a SBC with three deuces. I recently picked up a 392 with the weiand dual quad intake. I'm thinking about running two carter afb 500's.
> Can someone point me to a site or knowledge base where I could read up on this? I have a few questions such as:
> Do I run only one (manual) choke on the rear?
> Would a progressive linkage setup be okay?
> Thanks in advance.
> Phil
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