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Re: dual in-line Holleys / Distributor interferance

2" spacers under the carbs would make everything clear, but I don't really want to go that route. This engine is a bit of a show piece...I have over 40hrs in block smoothing and paint on this thing; and intake, valley cover, valve covers, timing cover, water pump, etc have all been polished. Throwing 2" spacers under the carbs would take away from the clean look. I considered billet spacers and polishing them, but I'm not sure that would even look right; plus billet spacers would be another $200 - $300, not counting time polishing. Before I'd let my customer spend that on spacers, I'd just switch to a HH tunnel ram. Right now I'm leaning heavily toward cutting the MSD distributor and shortening it. I hoped to get a replacement bare housing from MSD to experiment with but they were pretty much dicks about it and weren't willing to help out at all. I suppose I need to strip the distributor down and see how much meat I have to work with at the base of the housing.
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