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> On any hemi check for freeze cracks around the freeze plugs. For $500 I'd jump on it! Should have the fat stem sodium filled ex valves, but you would want to replace 60 year old valves anyway (and the ex guides. Heads may have the square under carb car passage or the tall & narrow ind type. Some I have has the square ones. Any chr intake will work. Tall & narrow would take the HH intake.
> thanks again George . This engine is from an long time hotrodder . He was going to put it in one of his cars but decided he was done with modifying and will leave it as is . He sounds like he's got lots of stuff from years of building so I'm excited just to meet him and for as far as $500 goes these days i get my money's worth just in the experience . I'll check the plug areas and not sure what else I'll look for . Is there a way to tell the square or rectangular area without taking things apart . I read there are pan differences too , anyway I should be able to tell some things when I get there and the seller seems knowledgeable and a straight shooter . Thanks , Richard
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