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> > I have no interest in the DeSoto. Just thoought someone might be.
> > Still interested in a Plymouth
> You wern't clear on that. Probably help if you posted where you are. Plymouth A Poly (318 family) or the Dodge hemi based Polys?

I am stumbling through this quagmire of information. Obviously need some good direction. So, this what I want to do: Put a poly, sounds like it will need to be an "A" block Plymouth, 277, 301, 303, 318, Plymouth or Dodge, in front of a 40RH, 42RH, 346RH transmission with a 2 or three wire OD control.
In the way past I had a Plymouth 277 and it was supposed to bolt to the early torque-flite The LA engine is said to have the same bell housing pattern as the "A" small block. Fake or fiction?

I am in south Georgia, but willing to have the correct combination shipped, as a unit or peice-meal

Will a 55 Dodge Super Red Ram bolt to the transmission I want to use wwith out an adapter?

I am conceding to the wiser minds.
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