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>So, this what I want to do: Put a poly... in front of a 40RH, 42RH, 46RH transmission with a 2 or three wire OD control.<


You can easily use any of those tranny's behind the hemi or poly block. Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, and DeSoto all use the same trans adapter style. Yes, you could say that the bolt pattern between the blocks and tranny is the same... only different.

The tranny bell will bolt into most of the holes on the block directly through holes in the the adapter, but there are a few dedicated screws that also bolt only the adapter to the block and a couple of screws that bolt the tranny only to the adapter. The adapter is registered to the block with the existing block dowel pins and the tranny is likewise registered to the adapter with its own pair of dowel pins.

It's a pretty straightforward deal but it requires that aftermarket adapter plate and a crank flange spacer too. Many companies make them and they may look a little different but they all accomplish the same end.

The crank flange spacer is machined with the correct register to fit a 426 hemi flexplate (8 bolts.) That gets it all spaced right and bolted to the converter. Add a tranny cooler and your wiring and it's a done deal.

Good luck!

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