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> Why not drive a sharp scratch awl down between the shell and the head and fold the tube inward then take a pair of pliers and rip them out? With the wall folded inward, you should be able to spray some rust solvent around it pretty easily if they resist your effort.
> Dave

Was wanting to see if I could get them out intact. Thought my original plan over, and figured the rod would probably slide out too easily. Then I had a flash of inspiration, while looking at my ratchet handle. I made the stub of steel rod and proceeded to put knurling on it. Threaded the slide hammer into it, clamped the tube down against it with the Vice-Grips, and went to town. As soon as I saw some movement, I loaded it up good with WD-40. Voila! Three tubes out, without trashing any of them! Took quite a number of hits with the slide, and I worked up a good sweat, but got a good sense of accomplishment from it. I’ll probably end up using the new tubes that HH offers, but had to see if I could do it.

Thanks for taking the time to respond and offering a thoughtful and reasonable plan.
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