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Re: 276 Desoto to BW R-10

Shouldn't be a problem. You need a V8 bellhousing. Either an old cast iron from the 50's or a later aluminum one form the 60's or later. Even if you have converted to 12V, you can use a pre- 1956 hemi 146 tooth flywheel and your 6V starter. If you have converted to 12V, since it is wound heavy wound, it will handle 12V. If using 12V, you could use a 1956 - 59 172 tooth flywheel and any late starter. Using the early cast iron bellhousing, you just bolt the bellhousing to the engine. You can check, but don't think you need the 3/4" aluminum spacer/adapter. Using a later small block aluminum bellhousing, you need the spacer, because the indexing engine and bellhousing pins are different. What I have done for using later 5 speeds behind a small block aluminum bellhousing, is using the original 3/4" spacer and drilling it and installing indexing pins to match the bellhousing to the spacer. Then buy a flywheel adapter from HH. Also cut the bottom below the engine off the adapter plate. You may have to shim the starter to the bellhousing or leave an 1/8" inch thick or so around the starter mounting area until you see what you need. Then you can use the original small block tin flywheel cover. You could save time and just buy the whole adapter kit from HH. I have also mounted the 5 speed AX-15 and similar trannies this way. Hope this helps. Also, if the steering is an issue, just do some hacking, chopping and adding u-joints to get there. Good luck.
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