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Re: New 241 Dodge Build - coolant coming from #5 exhaust port???

"I had her almost all the way topped off when I looked over and saw a steady flow of antifreeze coming out of the left-hand exhaust. I quickly removed the exhaust manifold on that side and noticed it was coming out of the number five exhaust port. The others were dry."

> If the valves were both closed and the coolant was coming out through the exhaust port, unless I'm wrong, there's no way it can come out there except through a crack in the head. did you have the heads mag'd before you rebuilt them?

If the engine is on the stand, you might be able to turn off all the shop lights, position yourself and peer into the port with a flashlight and find the source of the coolant. There's really no passage in the water jacket that could leak into the port unless it is cracked. A compromised head gasket would generally only create a leak into the combustion chamber but you said that's dry. Are you certain about that?


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