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Re: New 241 Dodge Build - coolant coming from #5 exhaust port???

Thanks Hemi Stude!

I think you may be right. I used a small camera and looked up into the port with a light last night. Tucked right up underneath the valve guide in the exhaust port I found what looked to be a crack in the head with a chunk completely missing. That would explain how fast the fluid is running out! I guess the next step is to pull the head off and replace it. I have an extra 241 head that I can hopeful transfer all of the new parts to. So close, but so far away!! I had the machine shop check everything for cracks so I am not sure how they missed it. The guy who did the work is a really nice guy. I feel bad, but do you think I am fair in asking him to help me out on the new head's machine work?

I took a video looking into the port and will post a link to it to see if what I am seeing looks the same to you. Just when I thought I was close to cruising down the highway!! :-(
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