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Re: 340 bell housing --So you need an adapter ?

George's hint is a bit of a riddle, I guess.

To be clear... YES, you definitely need an adapter to use any MOPAR manual bellhousing or transmission designed for the LA (273/318/340/360) engine series. The bell bolt pattern is similar, in that the four main bell bolts line up, but the aligning dowel pins and a number of the other bell bolts need resizing and relocation. Also, the front to back spacing of the flywheel, clutch, or converter needs correction as well. You'll need to have a spacer on the flange of the crankshaft. There are different ways to go but as far as I know, they all require an adapter and a few other parts and pieces.

There are options... here are just two. Adapters

Or you can try to make your own like I did 25 years ago. It's a little challenging but it can be done.

There's a hole diagram picture in the fourth or fifth post in the forum that shows the holes, dimensions, and relative placement.

I spent a huge amount of time on my adapter and in the end, I decided to go with a vendor-built piece i found on eBay.

Good luck!


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