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> New poster here....have a 50 Plymouth project car with a very tired flathead 6 and a later model 52 Plymouth 3 speed manual with Borg Warner overdrive. Tranny is in great condition, and I love the OD. Buddy of mine has a rebuilt 276 Desoto Hemi (stock 160 HP) that I'm awfully tempted to swap in, but not sure about the compatibility with the BW OD tranny. Seems to be conflicting info out there as to whether it will mate up or not. Does anyone have info on bellhousing or other compatibility issues? I think the tranny itself will stand up to the hp and torque of the hemi...just want a cruiser, not a speed shifting that column shift!

The Plymouth stick with OD can be bolted to the 276 DeSoto with all stock parts. Using the flywheel, clutch, bellhousing and related bits from any 1955 or 1956 Dodge or Plymouth V8 (does not matter which, poly or hemi or cubic inches) the trans will bolt up.

An alternative, but harder to find parts for, is to use a 1952/1953/1954 DeSoto or '1953/1954 Dodge Manual transmission setup (NOT a Semi auto). Those transmissions and related parts will work on your DeSoto engine and the transmission has the very long input shaft used on those models of manual shift.

Those engines were usually equipped with the semi automatic that had a fluid coupling AND a clutch, so the belhousing was quite long. Stick models used a long input shaft and related parts. But the Dodge/DeSoto full manual gear boxes are pretty hard to find.

Even if you already have the stick shift bell and flywheel, but not the matching transmission, you need the long input shaft, front bearing retainer and throw out bearing and collar, which will fit your Plymouth trans case and allow the use of your OD trans.
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