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How are things in England this day?
Another option is to look at any of the Hot Heads intakes. Between the first and second front runner on each side we have a pipe thread boss drilled and tapped to run fittings and hose to a remote thermostat block. The remote thermostat block is part #21409. You can use hardware store fittings and heater hose to connect them. We make one but it's A/N fittings and stainless braded line (expensive but looks cool).
Those threaded bosses were designed for truck, marine and '54 and older engines.
Let me know if we can help further, Bob

> Hi, this is my first post so be gentle!
> I have a '56 truck 354, there's no water crossover between the heads, I know it comes from between the intake runners. Is it possible or worthwhile to open up the casting pads on the fronts of the heads & make a crossover to keep things tidy?
> It's been suggested I just buy a pair of passenger car heads, if anyone wants to sell me a pair for reasonable money & pay for the shipping to England, we can have a deal!
> Cheers.
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