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Re: I'm surprised Scat or Eagle hasn't made Hemi cranks yet?

> You think someone would have made one offering? At a minimum.

The first problem is dealing with Tom Lieb at SCAT. The second problem is no volume in the market and the "New" blocks we've thought were coming have not or have been disappointing. I did have some "Asian" billets made a couple years ago and every step along the way was nothing but delay and poor attitude from SCAT. Now we will have tariff issues and more price increases. I got 4 decent cranks out of a 5 crank minimum a full year after the order was made. I haven't used them because the BBM block I got was so disappointing that I have given up on the early Chrysler.
If you truly want an economical new crank the only suggestion I have is talking to someone who has access to the raw forged Pontiac cranks and has been machining raw forged cranks. The 4.62" B.C. of a raw forged crank will work, but you may not get the flange you want. FE 428 forged would be the next option. I had my cranks cut with the 426 style flange close to the block to eliminate the spacer plate.
Its interesting that Bobs crank core was held hostage. I refused to give SCAT a core because I knew they had drawings and programming for the cranks.
I have talked to other vendors and the usual answer is they are too busy for the exotic stuff.
Good luck
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