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> > Been noticing a lot of T56 transmissions on the resell market. Had one in a Viper I used to own. Got to thinking, I thought I heard the V10 was just a 360 with two extra cylinders. If so would the bell housing be basically a small block bolt pattern and in turn work with one of Hothead's transmission adapters.
> Here's some food for thought: I put a Quick time #8076 bell behind a 291 Desoto with a Ford TKO600. This is a G3 bell with the starter on the right. They also have the 318 Bell and I believe the T56 bell is #8077. I made my own 7/8" adapter, but I believe Bobs torqueflite adapter is compatable. My challenge was putting the starter on the right required relief under the oil filter pad to accept the 2009 hemi starter. I used an aluminum flywheel and for my offset I had to stack a second ring gear on it which has worked for over 2 years just fine. I spent a lot of time with the dial indicator and had to use a ford clutch arm as my offset was too much for the hydraulic internal throwout. I also had some lathe time to make an adapter for the pilot bearing wink. Since then I have seen some new part #s come out that may work better. Bolt holes align but dowel pins do not. You need to be creative.
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