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> > Thanks George, I was surprised the riser would make such a difference,
> > and if others had the same experience, must be many with out it.
> > And would it keep the temp from ever going over 170?
> I was a bit off on that. Heat riser is for quick warm up of the carb, not engine temp. Shouldn't make much difference in running temp of engine unless it was stuck closed. Never have had a temp guage in my cars, I run 180 or 195 thermostats.

Car was in long term storage, I never drove it when the riser was working. It was stuck closed so I took it off. New 180 thermostat and still won't get over 170 after 20 miles and only up to 190 after shut off and parked. Seems to run OK. Thought it would be better for it to run warmer. Are 190 thermostats available?
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