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Re: 270 Hemi water pump

This isn't exactly on the point of your question but maybe it will be helpful in getting your accessory pulley's aligned.

Take a three foot length of straight 3/8" brake tubing and use a bending tool to make a roughly 90 degree with about 5" on one leg and leaving other leg full length. The 90 degree end will fit tightly into the crank or water pump pulley v-groove at two points. The long end becomes a very accurate pointer that will tell you the exact point where the mating accessory pulleys need to live. It works no matter what orientation your engine stand happens to be in.

It won't make the brackets for you but it will ensure that your pulleys are aligned when you're doing the shimming/bracket work. Note: this works for v-groove pulley's only. I hope it helps.

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