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331 cam/compression question

hey all. new to the forums and hemis in general. my buddies are building a 56 crusader (sorta) gasser. we have a 54 331, just looking to find opinions. we need a camshaft, and I'm interested in the hydraulic 485 lift cam from HH. my concern is if we have enough compression to pull it off. engine has old forged .030 flat tops in it. I gave the block a skim at work, but haven't touched the heads yet. from what I've read, should be a stock 7.5:1. don't want to have to buy new pistons if we don't have to. just looking for some oponioms/experience. this car won't be raced and is just meant to be a loud obnoxious cruiser:) thanks
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on: Wed 24 of Jul, 2019 [01:08 UTC] reads: 7722

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Re: 331 cam/compression question
on: Sat 27 of Jul, 2019 [16:24 UTC] score: 0.00
When choosing a cam I decide where I want the power ,upstairs or downstairs . Then I call Isky { nobody know more about cams . Isky tells me what cam I need for what I'm trying to do.

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Re: 331 cam/compression question
on: Thu 25 of Jul, 2019 [13:33 UTC] score: 0.00
Probably should talk to Bob on the cam. milling block/heads affects the valve train geometry. I wouldn't do it unless necessary. While expensive changing C/R with different pistons is the way to go. It should be noted that advertised C/R has been found to be optimistic on measured engines.

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