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392 build help

I could use a little help building my 392 hemi. I have a 1958 392 Chrysler Hemi, the engine had a 671 Weiand on it but I purchased it without the blower. This is going into a street car but I still want some power with reliability.

It’s going in a 40 Willy’s steel coupe, I dont want to cut the firewall hence why I’m going naturally aspirated. I’d like to have a snappy street motor with great torque (2500-6000). I know I’ll have to put some new pistons (thinking 10:- or 10.5:1), hydraulic .505 cam. Already have msd ignition. I may get the hot heads aluminum heads but still deciding. Like to have 500-575 torque / hp where it falls. I’ll either run a single carb or 2x4s. Is this doable or am I asking too much?

Much appreciated.
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Re: 392 build help
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Why would you have to cut the firewall to run a 671...I would think the hood but not the firewall...

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