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> I was using ACCEL 10W-40 from Wal-mart in my 1955 "300" 331 cu. in. motor in a 41 Plymouth 2 dr. coupe. I have 32,000 miles on it since putting on the road in the fall of 09 now. I was at your shop on the way to the 2014 hot rod power tour but you were not there. Talked to your wife and son tho. I can no longer get that oil so now I need to find something else. I need to know what would you recommend that I should use? Labor day I will be leaving for Shades of the past car show and would like to change oil before leaving. Motor is an NOS replacement motor. I have the 340 oil pump, hot heads cam, hyd lifters, milodon gear drive. How many miles can I expect to get out of this engine before a rebuild? Thanks for your help again! Dan

I picked up the ZDDPlus additive ......Now I'm having trouble finding 10W-40 oil!!!! This is just street driven, road trips and no racing.

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