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I used Innovative Products of America 7886 10.5" Long Top Dead Center Indicator
and a dial indicator with magnetic base. Valve covers on just removed #1 sparkplug.
shine a flashlight inside to watch for the intake valve to close. then rotate clockwise from the front till the indicator stops moving.

I have the fluidampr balancer on my 392 and the stock timing cover arrow points near the 270 mark. Fluidampr likely made these to point 0 at the 12oclock position. which you cant see hence the stock timing cover having the arrow on the passenger side at about 10 oclock.

If you use the method I did you can just look at the dial indicator to stop moving. No need to go in reverse because the balancer doesnt have the resolution a large degree wheel would in order to see a few degrees flat spot on the crank. I marked it with white out and ordered the timing tape for a 7.25 inch balancer. the 340 balancer may be different.
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