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Re: oil pressure problem

Hmm off topic but there is a delete button to make responses easier to find. These are the only forums I have seen like this.

Back on topic. Yeah the upper end is new roller rocker stanke stuff. I used compressed air to verify the openings were lined up and clear etc to the cam bearings before assembly. The hold down holes are lined up correctly for oil.

Anyway upper end is not a concern just yet. Getting oil pressure is.

I pulled the pan and removed the main bearing and the plunger that diverts oil to filter before its used in the engine. is it possible to fish wire through oil passages or is it difficult or impossible?

A bit off topic If I were to not use the plunger I would read full pressure at the gauge in theory because its a straight shot to the gauge port from the pump. Im guessing the factory check valve was there cure to that originally.

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