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Re: 241 spark plug

Speedo: Opps! My mistake! use an Autolite 86 for a 241 and remove the washer.
Sorry if I caused confusion, Bob

> So, long story short, I am adding Obrien Trucker cast VC to my 241. I am using HH stock type aluminum tubes. I had to trim them down a few thou., width wise, no biggie. Got me looking at my spark plugs. While checking the tubes for fitment on a mocked up stock 241 head, I noticed that my plugs, currently Autolite 86, without washer, look like they dont even reach into the combustion chamber.
> So my question, finally (LOL), am I running the correct plugs? Should I run a plug with a longer each? What are you 241 peeps running?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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