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> You make it sound like you rotated the engine after adjusting the valves
> If the configuration is that same as a 392 one would torque the heads before adjusting the valves.
> Also make sure you have plenty of oil in the cylinders, I guess you could get some binding if the cylinders (rings) are dry. Did you fit the rings to the bore?

Hey George
Yes, I torqued the heads in three stages then adjusted each rocker arm to specs. After each one was adjusted I then rotated the engine by hand through two complete revolutions to ensure that there was no valve interference. The little hesitations I feel may have been there before when I finished adjusting all the rockers (pushrods in this case) but I didn’t notice it until I came back to it a few weeks later. I will try what others have suggested, to squirt a little oil into each cylinder and spin the oil pump and build pressure in the whole system and see what happens. Thanks for your insights.
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