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Charlie: We have too many customers who do not read the instruction on the Melling timing set box or read the warning on our invoice. If you used the big 'O' at bottom gear, you are about 2 1/2 teeth off. Look closely for a small center punch dent. That's your TDC. The reason I mention this is that error usually results in bent exhaust valves.
It's worth looking at, Bob

> I'm rebuilding a 1959 315 hemi truck engine I had bored out to 325 per Bob Walker, am using 10:1 compression Ross Pistons also per Bob. Everything has gone well so far. I got the heads bolted on, and now when I turn the engine over by hand I can feel places in the rotation like tiny, almost imperceptible tightenins and loosenings. That's the best way I know how to explain it. There's no interference, as I rotated the engine completely through two rotations after I adjusted each pushrod. Am I worried about nothing here? This is my first full blown rebuild so I'm not sure how it's supposed to feel. Any thoughts anyone?
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