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> I've all but given up on finding a good A833 to put behind my 392. What other transmission would come closest to fitting my '67 GTX tunnel without a lot of fabrication? Would like to use the factory shifter hump in the tunnel if possible.

I'm a huge 833 fan....OD and non OD. They're out there but here lately the have gone high....I'll be running an 833 behind my 392 Hemi.....OD or not. And the B&E bodies tail shaft are easiest ones to snag since you're running a B-body....get it up and going then find or build yourself a tougher one.

The early OD's...the 75's are cast iron. Out of the stock OD's they're the strongest out of the OD's. Remember 1st and 2nd can be shifted just as hard as the non OD' just don't want to power shift them to third and OD.

Passon Performance can supply you with 18 spline OD kit for the 833's also with a 727 gear spread.

Just my opinion....
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